Packaging and paper converting

Biopack Solutions is specialised in theĀ production of cardboard and corrugated packaging for various industrial sectors.The company can tailor solutions to individual packaging needs: cartons for pasta, cardboard cluster-packs for drinks, yoghurt and bakery products, dispensers for napkins, and cardboard boxes for various types of objects.

Thanks to the use of the best performances in the sector, a careful control of the materials and of the production process Biopack Solutions guarantees a high level of safety and quality.

Paper converting


  • cartons for pasta
  • cartons for biscuits
  • cartons for cereals
  • cartons for taralli (bakery products in genera
  • cluster-packs for fruit juices and similar (e.g. beer)
  • cluster-packs for tuna and similar (peeled products, sauces, yoghurt)
  • header cards for products in bags (pasta, taralli)
  • cartons for liquor (individual bottles)
  • cardboard counter-displays for various products
  • cartons for frozen goods


  • cartons for perfumes
  • cartons for deodorants
  • cartons for creams
  • cartons for hair dyes and colouring rinses
  • cardboard napkin dispense

Various objects

  • cartons for small and medium-sized spare parts
  • boxes for light bulbs
  • packs for gifts
  • cardboard cases for small objects

Cardboard packaging


Linear manual closure
Linear mechanical gluing (with packaging machines)
Glued base
Manually slotted base

Box with base/cover

Single glued wall
Double glued wall
Double glued double wall
Self-assembling single wall
Self-assembling double wall

4 corners



Open with glued base
Open with manually slotted base
Open self-assembling
Closed with glued base
Closed with manually slotted base
Closed self-assembling


Mechanical gluing (packaging machine)